hello world. If you listen to the music you will here in so much of the material of so many of the greatest artists and major labeled djs the crys and pleading of a little girl named Lucy asking for help to Please find her daddy. Well this will probably be the only post I'm allowed to do as everytime I mention MY DAUGHTERS name some Lame bans me from AH for Get this spam. Haha foo.
My name is Richard I met Lucy's mother penelope in Kearns utah at the harmons grocery store on or about May 7 2001. Which makes Lucy 9 and her birthdate in January or February of 2002. So I am at the beggining of my search for the little girl that has had to go so long without her daddy ME. I don't care how much contention there is towards me. NO ONE AND I DO MEAN NO ONE WILL KEEP ME FROM FINDING MY FAMILY!!!!! So if anyone can or should I say will point me in the direction of MY FAMILY Pls respond. Everyone else. SEE YOU IN HELL!!!!