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Thread: Silinder 'Drama Tank (w/ Inkfish & Alter Breed mixes)'... Cattaneo, Digweed, Zabiela support

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    Silinder 'Drama Tank (w/ Inkfish & Alter Breed mixes)'... Cattaneo, Digweed, Zabiela support

    Silinder - Drama Tank - [Perspectives Digital]

    01. Drama Tank (Original Mix)
    02. Drama Tank (Inkfish Prog Mix)
    03. Drama Tank (Inkfish Dub Mix)
    04. Drama Tank (Alter Breed Remix)

    Listen & Download Here

    Cid Inc – Inkfish Dub Mix in June 2011 Chart
    Denis A – 10/10, Good stuff. Will try
    DJ Tarkan – 9/10, original mix is the one for me!!
    Eelke Kleijn – 8/10, nice work on all of these!
    Egostereo – Inkfish dub is very good for me. thanks
    Flash Brothers – Inkfish Prog Mix works
    Hernan Cattaneo – original for me
    James Grant – 8/10, strong pack
    James Zabiela – I like the prog mix the best… Does that make me bad? Sorry. Bring on the Prog!
    Jaytech – Org/Alter Breed Mixes
    John Digweed – Dl Now
    Kasey Taylor – Original for me, thanks!
    Lank – 9/10, Inkfish Dub for me! Thanks!
    Martin Roth – Alter Breed Remix is good.
    Matt Darey – Downloaded for Matt Darey. Thank you.
    Miss Nine – DL , thanks
    Moonbeam – 9/10, Thanks!
    Ricky Ryan – 8/10, nice stuff thank you!
    Solarstone – downloading for solarstone
    Satoshi Fumi – Original and Alter Breed for me.nice!

    Additional support from... Ad Brown, Aldrin, Alessandro Diga, Alex & Filip, AlterImage, Andy King, Ben Coda, D-Phrag, Derek Howell, Dibby Dougherty, Fady Ferraye, Federico Epis, Guy Mantzur, Issac, Jacob Henry, Juan Deminicis, Kassey Voorn, Kev O'Brien, Luke Porter, Marcelo Vasami, Mat Caspi, Mitch Alexander, Norman H, Pena, Sasha Le Monnier, Sezer Uysal, Sonic Union, Sound Process, Spesh, Steve Haines, Steve Parry, Summer, T-Lectual, Tini Tun, Torin, Urban Breathe, Yamil Colucci, and many many more!

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    Silinder is Dublin-based Gavin Mulhall, born in 2002 from a love of dark and electronic sounds. His diverse musical influences range from Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Depeche Mode, to Infusion, Evil Nine, and King Unique. Recent remixes for New Order, Spooky, James Zabiela, and Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat label have seen this Irishman go from strength to strength.

    Just as the name implies, Drama Tank is filled with strong moments of tension and suspense. Wailing vocals and ghostly pads float above a thunderous bassline while the rhythm's metronomic pulse hypnotizes the listener. The pressure continues to feverishly rise throughout the song until reaching its boiling point, where the music crescendoes into one exhilarating and emotional finale.

    Swedish brothers Andreas and Johan Hermansson, better known as Inkfish, find the perfect balance between Progressive and Tech House. The two mixes are instilled with their signature sound, yet manage to retain the essence of Silinder's original. Israeli producer Alter Breed tops things off with a house-infused version of Drama Tank. This one is sure to receive regular club plays with its irresistable groove and massive hands-in-the-air builds.

    [PSDI 006] Silinder - Drama Tank (Original Mix) - [Perspectives Digital]

    [PSDI 006] Silinder - Drama Tank (Inkfish Prog Mix) - [Perspectives Digital]

    [PSDI 006] Silinder - Drama Tank (Inkfish Dub Mix) - [Perspectives Digital]

    [PSDI 006] Silinder - Drama Tank (Alter Breed Remix) - [Perspectives Digital]

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