The Swedish Man of Melodies has finally made his appearance on Macarize, and of course we are referring to the one and only Claes Rosen! Claes has been in the scene for roughly six years, and it is because of his unmatched talent as L-Wiz and as himself that gained him the respect of thousands of listeners from Sweden to Russia. As a progressive house producer, Claes Rosen’s sound has always been characterized to be upbeat and sun-drenched.

“Chimera / Stranded”, Rosen’s debut on the Swedish label Macarize, brings to life two ear-candies that embody his trademark happy-go-lucky vibe. “Chimera” takes us on a high-flying journey with skyrocketing melodies and progressions. While “Stranded”, on the other hand, lays low while it brings together soothing and echoing leads.

With “Chimera / Stranded” as the latest release on the label, Macarize is simply honored to have The Swedish Man of Melodies on the team!


Artist: Claes Rosen
Title: Chimera / Stranded
Label: Macarize
Release date: July 4th, 2011