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For Silk Sofa's 31st release, Japanese artist Kyohei Akagawa joins the label with a unique and blissful song called "Fusen". Kyohei is otherwise known for his trance productions on Otographic Music. On this package, two other new additions to Silk Sofa showcase their remixing skills: J-Punch from USA, and Shawdams from Germany.

The original mix of "Fusen" quickly establishes a mesmerizing soundscape with various sweeping pads and a delightful rhodes melody. A frisky breakbeat soon emerges, and additional percussive elements find their way into the mix, thereby enhancing the energy.

J-Punch (System, Sundown) is known for his early chillout works, but also for his works in the progressive house genre. A smooth groove is soon introduced, and soothing string layers appear in the background. The full breakbeat delivers a fantastic groove to the track, and the deep bassline underneath renders the atmosphere quite hypnotizing. In the break, the rhodes melody is varied into a more moody piece alongside well-crafted percussive effects.

Shawdams, presented by Matthew Adams, is a fairly new alias from Matthew. This German artist is probably most known for his trance releases (Anjunabeats, Mondo), but recently he's ventured more in the fields of progressive house and electronica. Glitchy effects and different variations of various synths introduce the track, as well as a unique and fresh breakbeat. A lush soundscape is established by bird sounds in the background and many layers of pads and soothing melodies. Two and a half minutes into the track, the song switches to a beatless part. Later, a charming rhodes melody accompanied by the bassline beneath combine to form an outstanding outro.

Cat#: SILKSF031
Release date: July 8th, 2011
Genre: chillout, downtempo, electronica
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport exclusively

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Kyohei Akagawa - Fusen (Original Mix)
02 Kyohei Akagawa - Fusen (J-Punch Remix)
03 Kyohei Akagawa - Fusen (Matthew Adams pres. Shawdams Remix)

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