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    T h e C o c o o n

    Sasha Pidann here,

    Just wanted to thank everyone who has made this site possible. My special thanks goes to Dan, without who none of this would have been possible.

    Calgary is a C o c o o n, and its almost ready to open up and release the beauty it holds within. For years and years our "clubs" have been bombarded by top 40 garbage; the day that changes is fast approaching. People are tired of the same old crap our so called clubs play. Change is not only nessesary its inevitable; Calgary has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years, it has grown and expanded, not just physically but also culturally.

    Calgary is no longer a cowboy outpost, yet change has been slow... Dance music, and im talking quality dance music has not touched the ears of Calgarians unless some overpriced and overrated DJ rolls in. Calgary is full of talent; yet few gig opportunities are creating intense rivalry instead of a sense of community. should be a rallying point for quality music lovers as well as DJs in Calgary, Canada, and World as a whole. Help us grow and keep the music alive.

    I thank you all for your interest in us and hope you enjoy our little project. Keep on dancing.

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    Well said.

    Beautiful topic buddy. I hear you loud and clear and I really do hope that we get popular and succeed to getting more people to tune in, and of course we wan't people to embrace the radio as it is right now. I think it's for me to say thankyou to Dan; for all his hard work since January and keeping up the good work by having the radio stable for the past week from it's very first launch!

    Thankyou Dan, without you this radio wouldn't of been here - and to Sasha Pidann, keep up your good work with mixing your sets. I loved your other one and found it very creative because there was never a dull moment! Pure energy, upliftment, progression, what more can we get from a beautiful set played by a talented, and experienced DJ? Keep up the good work! I will be hosting a radio show sooner or later here on AH. I'm also a DJ . Until then, I'm giving out Dan all the benefit and keeping him updated with the newest releases of upfront Trance / Progressive, (which is what I play and listen to only).

    I feel that we will get far and avail the fact into being prominent as can be! We can do it with the little team we have at the moment, and I bloody well believe about that strongly.

    Cheers Sasha, thanks for the topic - you've kept me going at it for a while. I appreaciate it buddy. Take care dude.
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    Thanks Sasha, just alot has been happening and since January I had this planned out. Day has come for all of our ideas to come together and make this happen.

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    Great site guys!

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    It has come so far in such a short amount of time, you really have done a great job here.

    let the music flow

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    woooo it has only just begun

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