Nocturnal Recordings can always be relied upon for funky filtered disco mayhem with a few surprises thrown in along the way, so it's with great pleasure we bring you the first full artist album on the label which was established way back in 2002.

The honour goes to Coach Roebuck who has seen a couple of outings on Nocturnal recordings with his 'Play Off' EPs which caused an absolute storm. The beauty of albums is that it allows an artist to experiment with their sound, which is exactly what the Coach has done on this project entitled '1200M Relay' - a flashback to his track & field days. Perhaps reflecting Coach Roebucks personality, the album flits between genius and insanity, delivering a smattering of tough disco floor fillers like the immense 'Boogie Down' and 'This Is How It's Done'; to some wicked old skool breaks like 'Break Beat Experiment' and 'Cheer Me On'; to the out there indie dance/nu disco vibes of 'Wont Stop And Falter' and 'This Is News'.

The album is jam packed with energy - disco, filters, breaks, edits, flips and summersaults which has kept us entertained for some time, giving us an enjoyable listen as well as some very serious peak-time dancefloor action.

An accomplished debut album project from Coach Roebuck.

Track Listing
  • Coach Roebuck - Music We Can Believe In

  • Coach Roebuck - This Is How It's Done

  • Coach Roebuck - Midnight Confession

  • Coach Roebuck - Lay Back

  • Coach Roebuck - Won't Stop And Falter (Take 1)

  • Coach Roebuck - Records On The Radio (Take 2)

  • Coach Roebuck - Statistical Damage

  • Coach Roebuck - Happy (Take 1)

  • Coach Roebuck - This Is News

  • Coach Roebuck - Boogie Down

  • Coach Roebuck - Cheer Me On

  • Coach Roebuck - Going For Broke

  • Coach Roebuck - Breakbeat Experiment

  • Coach Roebuck - Time Out

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