If punch and clarity are friends of yours, we know you’ll also get on well with Nick Callaghan and Will Atkinson.

With massive releases and remixes on Discover, CGI and Night Vision (Spinnin’) records to their name Scottish trance stars Nick Callaghan and Will Atkinson are currently riding high on a wave of successes that have drawn attention from far and wide within the scene.

Instantly attracting interest from Paul Oakenfold “Blizzard” had all the correct ingredients to make a fine peak time addition to the Perfecto Fluoro catalogue. Following their incredible remix of Simon Patteron’s “F16″ the guys deliver a tough but melodic no nonsense banger in “Blizzard”. Super tight production and a classy riff that meanders hypnotically through the track enticing you in – this is trance of the highest order.

On the remix – Liquid Soul – one of Psy trance’s biggest stars and a firm favourite of Paul Oakenfold who has featured his music time after time on his Full on Fluoro radio mixes and live shows as well as on his forthcoming “Never Mind the Bollocks…here’s Paul Oakenfold” mix compilation.

Consistently crystal clear production and an overwhelming ability to mesmerize listeners with his flawless song construction skills have contributed to Liquid Soul’s incredible growth in popularity. This remix, which fuses the best elements of both trance and Psy beautifully – not only complements the package immensely but also justifies the widening popularity of Liquid Soul outside of the Psy scene

1. Blizzard (Original Mix)
2. Blizzard (Liquid Soul Remix)