Romania’s Adrian Ivan has grown to become one of the stalwarts of Coldharbour Recordings in the last three years. He stole the attention from many with the beautiful Shana, devastated dancefloors worldwide with his immense Sky Traffic, and reinvented his sound further with Prague ’11 closer Backstage.

Now he’s set to lay his marker on the summer festival season, with a three-track E.P. ready to bulldoze many mainstages.

On an April night which many Toronto natives talk about with great fondness today, Markus Schulz took a sold out Guvernment on a trademark six hour journey. When the dust settled on the night, one track in particular stood out, and has shrouded the curiosity of many that have viewed it on YouTube. A big winner in his extended sets also in Los Angeles and London, the big Guvernment April 2011 ID is the leading track from this package, entitled Sick & Sexy. With a lead similar in vein to many of the big room offerings on the Dakota Thoughts Become Things II album, the track has caused raptures on any occasion a live audience has been on the receiving end of things.

More commonly known on radio recently is the World Tour regular Fugu. Debuted also in Canada, but to the Montreal faithful at the incredible Bal en Blanc event, this track doesn’t hide any punches with it’s rip-roaring rawness and groove. The track lit up audiences at Zouk in Singapore and Avalon in Los Angeles during GDJB World Tour recordings, and after being debuted in the first Ibiza Summer Sessions of the seaon, promptly picked up the Global Selection accolade a week later.

And last but not least, Mr. Pit shows his diversity once more with a melodic driven approach in similar vein to his previous track Simplicity. Mashed up to great effect by Markus with Fatboy Slim’s iconic Rockerfeller Skank for the most recent World Tour event at Pacha in New York City, it is evidence that all three tracks will be supported extensively in his livesets throughout the summer.

With his own tour schedule filling up, including an appearance at the Polish leg of Global Gathering in July, Mr. Pit’s ascent is happening before our eyes. And he’s making a big statement once again with the tracks on offer here.

1. Sick & Sexy (Original Mix) (08:34)
2. Fugu (Original Mix) (06:18)
3. Avion (Original Mix) (07:30)