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Thread: Raves/tours halp

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    Raves/tours halp

    So I live in tucson AZ USA and i went to aly and fila's facebook and watched 1 of there episodes (by if anyone knows the songs they played in it please message me) and i got a deep feeling to go to a rave (will be my first concert) and I just have this feeling inside that it will be something that will move me emotionally to the edge and past it. However due to where i live it doesnt seem like i have much choices if any at all. Not to mention iam looking for the big headliners like old school tiesto, aly and fila, atb, armin van buuren, and any other great trance artist out there that does soothing and perfect tracks as such artists above do.

    To the point of this thread iam seeking a place that houses all the tour dates (best would be i can search city/state for artists and when they will be comming) and also maybe some help from the users here that have been to raves/tours and can give me some tips / pointers and which concerts may be the best and what to look out for. Msg back kthx. <3

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    partyflock is very handy, it has most parties in their agenda, you can see which parties your favorite artists will be performing etc..

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