'Rain Falls On Me' by Weirdness is a catchy vocal trancer
featuring Seattle's Amy Hamblin. Adding some depth and width
to the package are energetic and emotional Darude and Randy

Weirdness is a fresh EnMass Music signing, and 'Rain Falls On
Me' is the first release in the long string of melodic, catchy and
stylewise pretty varied releases planned for the coming months
and years. Weirdness is no newcomer in the music making and
club world in general, though, as he's made music pretty much
since he was able to bang two wood sticks together, and he's
worked with Darude over the last 15 years as a live musician
and VJ around the world and as writing and production partner
in the studio. Keep your eyes and ears open for this "kid"!

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YouTube samplers:
Weirdness feat. Amy Hamblin - Rain Falls On Me ::
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(Darude Remix) ‪Weirdness feat. Amy Hamblin - Rain Falls On Me (Darude Remix) [EMM004] SAMPLER‬‏ - YouTube
(Randy Boyer Remix) ‪Weirdness feat. Amy Hamblin - Rain Falls On Me (Randy Boyer Remix) [EMM004] SAMPLER‬‏ - YouTube

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