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Thread: Did you listen to trance as a kid?

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    Did you listen to trance as a kid?

    Hi there,

    I'm new at this forum, but have been listening to shows for a while. Absolutely amazing, keep up the good work AH!

    I've been aware of the trance genre's exsitence for ages, but I have never considered it as being my main choice of music. Not until a couple of years ago where I started to dig deeper, and started to learn about the artists and the genre as a whole (thanks to Armin Van Buuren). The music, the people and the passion about trance made more sense to me when I entered my twenties (matured if you will).

    Anyway, I wonder why I, during the last couple of years, have totally abandoned the music (dance, electro, hands-up, a bit of hardstyle) that I have belonged to for almost 10 years of my life - I never listen to it anymore.

    Have any of you experienced the same? Digging trance more and more as you grow older? And in that connection, how old are you guys? If you're 25+, are you experiencing/seeing a phase "after" trance, or is this the end station (at least for my twenties)?

    Keep it up!

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    iīm not sure if i get your question but iīll answer:

    in my case i listen to any kind of music, maybe in a couple years trance would be different,maybe you will like to listen another genre of EDM,but thatīs pretty subjective,i started young listening dance and thecno,with years i figured out about trance and so i knew i liked it more,i listen to trance music,and besides,rock,hip hop,not only trance,but in fact i prefer trance music,

    who knows if the tastes are gonna change in the future,but that can happen,is hard to tell

    thatīs my case

    Trance is the expression of the soul

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    As a kid, I was actually into a lot of Rock and indie stuff. But I also loved a lot of Rave and early trance stuff. I also actually liked a lot of music that was in computer games and a lot of those tunes seem very much in a trance style. Especially Commodore 64 tracks by Martin Galway. I loved the Megadrive Super Shinobi soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro. This was one of the first games to actually feature tracks that had a real trance style to them.

    These days I will listen to almost anything. Obviously my main musical love is for trance, but I will listen to a lot of Rock, indie, pop, d&b, dubstep etc too. I'm always open to listening to new stuff.

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    Yes, there was a time I left everything just for trance but now I like a lot of EDM genres.
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    As a kid, I would listen to some Happy Hardcore and whatever "techno" I could find across the internet. I then stumbled across Exploration of Space which was by Cosmic Gate, and that became one of my favorite tunes at the time. Little did I know it was "trance". I was in a period of rap and hip hop music afterwards. About 2 years ago when I was into Electro, I stumbled across Armin Van Buuren and a friend introduced me to Dash Berlin. Ever since, I fell in love with trance and researched about other artists, mainly ending up here where I am now as an amateur trance DJ who loves uplifting and many unrecognized artists out there. I would say I left out other music for trance, but trance is my main thing and it is what I listen to everyday.
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    As a kid I actually never listened to trance or techno at all, of course I live in the US and I'm 27 so when I was a kid it wasn't big over here at all. I listened to Green Day when they first came on the scene and music like that. My folks would force classical music on us when we were in the car (now I love it, lol) but it wasn't until I got into High School when a friend of mine loaned me some 303 Infinity music that I got hooked, after 303 it was Darude and I haven't looked back, I've been into Techno/trance ever since, I still listen to some modern rock, heavy metal, classical and opera occasionally, but I always come back to trance when I really want some good choons. And I think I've gotten to the age where this is my choice of music for the rest of it. I've been listening to trance now for about 14 years consistently. And as Chris Rock says so famously the music you were listening to the first time you got laid is the music you listen to the rest of your life. ^_^
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    No... I listen trance since 2005, when I was 15

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    As I was born in 1962 and the years following had no

    But I was in love with movie sound tracks. Like James Bond stuff and TV shows. Not the stuff you would listen to on the "radio" lol.

    It was in my head that music can alter a mood...and I was right. I found this out when I was 10 years old. Since then I would answer the question, YES! It was in me. I just had to find it outside my life.

    Thank goodness the 80s came when they did. Listen to Donna Summers and tell me trance was not alive!

    Maddona "Vogue" made Fun House and House the shit to dance for. Texas was a hot spot as was LA and Frisco. I was born in San Fran and my cousin had a club in LA so...YES! I did. I went a long time without it and I keep getting pulled back to Trance, House, and the like.

    truth be told, I cant recall a time when Trance or a form of it didnt move me. I am enTranced...


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    Personally I feel that it is not really possible to limit your listening purely by a genre which serves as an umbrella over certain styles of music. With so much creativity and "fusion" of music these days, to actually label what genre a track is becomes increasingly difficult and subject to personal bias.

    But anyway.

    My trance listening history dates back to around 1999 and I have always held it in highest regard in comparison to all the other genre listening "phases" I have been through. Trance has always been there for me, and I am simply curious with the evolution cycles it goes through, from the vintage sound back in the earlier 90s to modern day "trouse" as some people call it.

    But at the end of the day, music should really be there to make you feel something.

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