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Abstract Vision and Elite Electronic follow up on 'Echoes' with 'Forgotten Dreams', delivering two contrasting mixes.

The Sunlight mix does what the title suggests - pure, lush summer style trance which is subtle in its direction but the warm chords and clever vocal chops really draw the listener in.

Their Original Mix is more of the style we have become accustomed to when this dexterous group foray into the progressive genre; keeping it darker and more driving in comparison to the Sunlight mix.

Broning delivers yet again on the remix and is becoming somewhat of a favourite with the Enhanced contingent. Already supported by Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond, he packs in his tough beats and massive basslines to fantastic effect, whilst utilising and adapting the main elements of the Original.

Beatport Date : 25th July 2011
Release Date (other stores) : 8th August 2011
Cat. Number : ENPROG064
Label : Enhanced Progressive Recordings / Enhanced Music


1. Forgotten Dreams (Original Mix)
2. Forgotten Dreams (Sunlight Mix)
3. Forgotten Dreams (Broning Remix)

ENPROG064: Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic - Forgotten Dreams Forgotten Dreams [Enhanced Progressive] :: Beatport
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