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    Tja alla glada, imorgon valborg då blir det några kalla och hög volym kicka AfterHouers det kommer bli kanon,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuji View Post

    lol way to let the hope down xD
    seriously though, sweden has no good places to go to for trance =/ (yet.. i hope, swedes need to recognize real trance, damn u basshunter)
    on another note, tjena Sverige from Malmo

    Good trance nights are far and few between in sweden

    in Got. there are some, every now and then. Just keep your ear to the ground.

    They seem to happen mid-week (for some ******* reason) so be prepared to book some time off work.

    Also, if you decide to goto something, give us a heads up we can can all bowl in together and get on it!

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