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Thread: Steve Bengaln - Terminal [Defcon Recordings]

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    Steve Bengaln - Terminal [Defcon Recordings]

    Release date:
    4th August 2011 (Audiojelly exclusive)
    18th August 2011 (all stores)

    Almost two and a half years after being supported by Armin van Buuren back in ASOT Episode 388, Steve Bengaln finally brings his track Terminal the world as his first release on Defcon.

    The original mix is a high-paced, energetic affair, with an infectious lead riff complimenting a powerful, driving bassline.

    First up on remix duties is Illitheas, another producer who's been on the rise recently, and he gives us a more laid-back interpretation with a sublime Balearic twist and a chunky bassline.

    Rounding things off, James Dymond follows up his Crown Of The Mountain EP with the first of several forthcoming remixes - with a grand, orchestral version. Combined with an epic choral breakdown and a massive bass, this remix is also sure to please the dancefloors.

    Out now on Audiojelly:
    Terminal | Steve Bengaln | Defcon Recordings | Single | Download |

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    James Dymond remix is great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boww! View Post
    James Dymond remix is great!

    great is no word for what it is.

    sooooo super awesome...those angel chorus voices and then the melody drops slowly in omg i can dieee
    I wanna hear real Trance!

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