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Thread: Poll: What do Listeners want to hear more?

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    AH.FM Addict Dj Superior's Avatar
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    May 2006
    i would prefer 50/50 singles and sets!
    Fav Producer atm: Tritonal

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    People want to hear some crazyglow!


    but seriously, I would personally like mostly sets. More specifically smaller sets, because I like a lot of variety and I can't listen for long periods of time so like 30 min sets could be quite fun I think.

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    LIVE sets I must say!!:D

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavyD
    LIVE sets I must say!!:D
    eh yeah ... i'll plan someday to be really live .... if it is possible in the future

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    fresh shit

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    :meloman: -_Passif_-

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    AH Listener ziustem's Avatar
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    DJ sets are more than welcome, but, as people before mentioned, some classics or fresh tracks in non-peak hours or to fill the gaps between the sets would be nice to have ^^

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    60/40 would be optimal, with 60 being the live sets, but 50/50 would still be good, as long as you can throw in some house stuff in there for me

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    AH.FM Addict dereklangold's Avatar
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    Nov 2006


    Just listening to Nitrous Oxide who are playing track after

    track in a brilliant way no interuptions great mixing as well sorry I digress -

    Single tracks are no comparison to me - normally to much talking

    - let the Dj get on and play the set - goes for me.

    Fav's, A'ndy, Nitrous Oxide, Magik,

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    dj sets is more joyable too listen too i think, cos i like hearing traxx floating togheter in the transition. mostly i wanna hear new stuff & i like that dj's on AH what i've heard so far play alot of new/exclusive stuffs.
    But classics will always be classics, maybe have some trance-classic hour once in a while?

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    AH.FM's Party Beast Laan's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    I vote for 50/50. Once ah gets more big names id say more Livesets..

    ( so, during ah's existence more livesets )

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    AH.FM Addict dereklangold's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    looks like a decision has been taken - if you
    check the last 5 and the 5 to come list they are all single tracks.

    Fav's, A'ndy, Nitrous Oxide, Magik,

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    AH.FM Addict dereklangold's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    a time has elapsed and still we get tracks - until the time comes
    up on this post wont know how much time - but no sets still -

    hope Aafik set is not affected.
    Fav's, A'ndy, Nitrous Oxide, Magik,

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