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Thread: Adam Szabo - Arcade [Always Alive]

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    Adam Szabo - Arcade [Always Alive]

    OUT NOW (Beatport Exclusive) | Arcade [Always Alive Recordings ] :: Beatport

    Adam Szabo serves up his third release on Always Alive
    , in what has been a massive comeback from the super talented producer.

    A release that's more akin to his earlier works, this is definitely not your typical sounding trance track.

    Packed with layer upon layer of mind bending synth lines and delicious 80's influences, this track is awash with uplifting emotion and energy, guaranteed to put a big smile on your face!

    Beatport Date : 8th August 2011
    Release Date (other stores) : 22nd August 2011
    Cat. Number : ALWAYSA008
    Label : Always Alive Recordings / Enhanced Music


    1. Arcade (Original Mix)

    DIGISOC018: Vascotia - Calibro 2011 Calibro 2011 [Digital Society Recordings] :: Beatport
    ALWAYSA008: Adam Szabo - Arcade Arcade [Always Alive Recordings ] :: Beatport
    ENHANCEDCD014: Enhanced Recorindgs 100 Connecting to the iTunes Store. (iTunes Pre-order)

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    Great release! Creepy cover though

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