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Thread: John '00' Fleming - Nine Lives (Artist Album) [J00F Recordings]

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    John '00' Fleming - Nine Lives (Artist Album) [J00F Recordings]

    Release date:
    Genre: Trance

    Release Description:
    With a career spanning over 20 years John 00 Fleming has achieved almost everything possible; playing regularly at all major clubs and festivals across the World, chart topping DJ mix compilations (earning him multiple Gold discs), award winning BBC Radio 1 Essential mixes, six years running in the DJ mag and Trancaddict Top 100, collaborations in the studio with giants as: Simple minds, Muse, Nine inch nails, Erasure and Jean Michel Jarre.

    While all others shout about their achievements from the roof tops, John humbly holds his to his chest, this elegance is what he is known and loved for. In Johns eyes his fans are the stars, the heros, not him.

    John 00 Fleming openly admits he is a DJ first, after all he is one of the few DJs on the planet who can keep a dance floor engrossed and packed with his now legendary long (3-7 hour) sets. Its for this reason his solo album has taken second place.

    Having already achieved everything in his career, theres no pressure to release commercial viable music (todays current trend of fame hunters), and the reason this album is already being tipped as one of the most innovative Trance albums this decade, something thats dearly missing in the current Trance market place.
    1. John '00' Fleming - The Winds Of Change Are Blowing
    2. John '00' Fleming vs Airwave - United 93
    3. John '00' Fleming - MMX1215
    4. John '00' Fleming feat. Sona Mohapatra - Dense Clouds
    5. John '00' Fleming feat. Joanna Swann - A Far Of Place
    6. John '00' Fleming - Baphomets Horn
    7. John '00' Fleming - Finding Ganesha
    8. John '00' Fleming feat. Sasha Cooper - Fight The Darkness
    9. John '00' Fleming - Last Night A DJ Saved My Night
    10. John '00' Fleming feat. Joanna Swann - Bumble Lights
    11. John '00' Fleming - New Beginning
    12. John '00' Fleming - 1440 Minutes
    13. John '00' Fleming feat. Intervurt - Trancelucent
    14. John '00' Fleming - Never Forgotten
    15. John '00' Fleming - Frisson
    16. John '00' Fleming vs E-Clip - Sym*bol*ism

    Links to buy:

    John 00 Fleming: Nine Lives (CD) - Joof Recordings - Psyshop (please note: CD features 9 tracks instead of 16)


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