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For Everything
why do you use me?

I've mended tears with consolations when she's torn you to shreds
I've sewn you back together time and time again
And oh you're beautiful, I can't help but ease your pain
And though you know I'm good for you, still you turn away

Pulling on my stitches, they unravel every time
I'm giving you my strength tonight, take everything that's mine
Tryin on my alterations, while I make no sound
I'm crying in the shadows, babe, hope you will come around

Why do you use, why do you use me? oh..

This pain in my heart's so real...oh when you know
I'm unraveling
I can't choose you
I always lose you

Tonight I'm weaving threads of mine in the fabric of your soul
I'm hoping in the darkest times you'll never let me go
Even when our web is spun, we'll be tied in quiet ways
and darling when to me you come, inside you'll want to stay

Why do you use me to make it allright?
Why do the heavens allow this hurt tonight?
Please don't deny me when I'm on my knees
I am so thirsty for everything

Why do you use me?
When you know that I can't choose this
I'm unraveling

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