Purchase/Preview: Find Love / Painful Smile / Shanghai Lights [Macarize] :: Beatport

Artist: axisONE
Title: Find Love / Painful Smile / Shanghai Lights
Label: Macarize
Cat #: MRIZE019

Macarize touches down in Hong Kong with axisONE’s spectacular debut “Find Love / Painful Smile / Shanghai Lights”! Dan Sayuran aka. axisONE sees himself as one of the forefront leaders of progressive house music in a country where this kind of music is just budding. Today, with the guiding hand of Macarize, the world will once again experience axisONE through three tracks.

First one is “Find Love”, axisONE’s highly-climactic anthem that will definitely push your emotions to the limits with its soaring synths and its smashing riffs! axisONE, however, drifts from his energetic sounds with “Painful Smile”-- the second track in this release. “Painful Smile” caters smooth-flowing progressions and heartwarming melodies.

“Shanghai Lights” takes things further with axisONE’s artistic rendition of the scenic skyline of China’s cosmopolitan city. From the title itself, it’s not that hard to imagine what to expect.

Expressive, melodic, progressive, and electronic - these words are what axisONE is all about, and today Macarize brings to you “Find Love / Painful Smile / Shanghai Lights”!