Next release of Silent Shore Deep comes from very talented artist living in New York: Jack Barrile aka Blugazer. His EP includes two singles, 'Some Place Far Away' and 'Hidden Beauty'.

DJ/Radio Support: Adam Nickey (9/10), Suzy Solar (Gorgeous tracks!), Ex-Driver, Robert Gitelman, Tempo Giusto, Polheredia & Gebio, OzzyXPM, Victoria, Jenn Martinello, Crystal Clouds and more...

Some Place Far Away has a very nice club atmosphere. Heavy grove and moody basslines will gain your attention. A wave of melodic hooks in the breakdown prepares you for some real trance energy when Blugazer release it to the full.

Hidden Beauty is full of deep and lazy house sounds and swathes of synths. Minimalistic vocal chops create a very lush atmosphere. If you want to taste some summer trancy vibes, this release is just for you.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

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