Hello and good afternoon, here we go with a, 2 hour Energised Uplifting Power Trance DJ mix, Trancetastic mix 101

Kabbage1977 by kabmusic1, on Flickr

Trancetastic DJ mix selection 101: 2 Energised Uplifting Power Trance session.

1: Cold Wave (Suncatcher Remix) - Hoyaa Pres Lunar System [Harmonic Breeze]
2: Avalon (Talla 2xlc Mix) - Jorn Van Deynhoven & Talla 2XLC [Liquid Recording]
3: Falling Hearts (Original Mix) - Peet B [Unearthed Records]
4: Drifter (Original Mix) - Akira Kayosa And Hugh Tolland feat. Stine Grove [Perceptive Recordings]
5: Wonderland (Original Mix) - Ultimate [Infrasonic Future]
6: No Lies (Original Mix) - Sergey Nevone [Only one Recordings]
7: There & Back (Simon O'Shine & TrancEye Remix) - Space Garden [Diverted Music]
8: Light Of The Night (Original Mix) - Dimension [Armada Music]
9: Crossing The Borders (Original Mix) - Trance Arts feat. Lisa Rose [Unearthed Records]
10: Stronger (Original Club Mix) - Activa Feat Julie Harrington [Discover Recordings]
11: Arctic Glow (Original Mix) - Traces Traxx [Nile Tunes Recordings]
12: Autumn Air (Johan Ekman Remix) - Des McMahon [Spellbinding White]
13: Fragile 2011 (Digital Horizon Remix) - Kiholm [Neuroscience Recordings]
14: Resonate (Original Mix) - Paul Todd [Fraction Records]
15: Gunslinger (7 Baltic Remix) - Ronald De Foe [Music En Route]
16: Salute (Original Mix) - Ray Tian [Discover White]
17: Torture Chamber (Original mix) - John Askew [Spinnin Records]
18: Walk The Line (Original Mix) - Temple One [Enhanced Recordings]
19: White Sands Of Ibiza (Astuni & Le Saux Remix) - ReOrder feat. Stine Grove [Perceptive Recordins]
20: January (Jaden Merrick Remix) - Med & Phil Metcalfe [Defcon Recordings]

To listen/ Download please follow the link provided, Trancetastic mix 101: 2 Hour Energised Uplifting Trance Madness 16 by kabbage1977 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free @ SoundCloud, thank you for listening, have a wonderful day!!