Purchase/Preview: Yuu / Jakarta / Andromeda [Macarize] :: Beatport

Artist: Mindset
Title: Yuu / Jakarta / Andromeda
Label: Macarize

Following his successful debut on Macarize-- “Manhattan by Night / Chasing Sunsets / Lovers Shadows”, James Ardrey aka. Mindset rounds up another heartwarming and uplifting release entitled “Yuu / Jakarta / Andromeda”. These three brand new tracks from Mindset will once again open the portal to his enchanting world of sky-high melodies!

Soaring high faster than the speed of light, “Yuu” comes in as the first track of this release with a very climactic sound. From Manhattan, where he had left off since his first release, Mindset now ventures off to the tranquil lands of Asia with his track “Jakarta”. Finally, “Andromeda” brings the release to a close with its delicate sound.

Mindset takes us back to his world with three stunning tracks as heard in “Yuu / Jakarta / Andromeda”, his latest release on Macarize!

Supported by W&W, Jaytech, Ruben de Ronde, Flash Brothers and Carlo Calabro.

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