Waveform 2011 is all about keeping the same wondrous vibe and cutting edge electronic music, whilst upping the conscious element in preparation for 2012. There will be a lot of new additions as we all gear up for 2012 more on this soon. This year we have an amazing new site, a beautiful farm in the secluded countryside in Taunton, with a lovely woods alongside! Last date to buy tickets is midnight 28th August, please do get yours while you can via...... Access All Areas, Camden Lock, London Office address/opening times Buy Online Access All Areas Network Tel: +44 (0)20 7267 8320 / +44 (0)20 7267 614 Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Office address/opening times Buy Online bristolticketshop Tel: +44 (0)177 929 9008 / +44 (0)870 44 44 400 Tickets available without booking fee here: Buy Tickets | Waveform Electronic Music Festival ____________________________________________________________________ Location: We are in The Festival Field near postcode TA7 0DS, 5 miles from Taunton rail station. ____________________________________________________________________ LINE UP SO FAR... WAVEFORM PSY STAGE - (hosted by Tribe of Frog) The Waveform Psy stage is fuelled by the creative genius of top electronic artists. Take a breath and plunge into the ultraworld :: LIVE ::Asimilon Big Scary Monsters Illegal Machines Subliminal System Monkey Logic Skyhighatrist OlmecBeardy Weirdy :: DJs :: Mary Miss FairyBez23 Daft Dood Ben Edge Wicki Geo NatzanPieman F'da F'da Weetamix Psychosonic Jai CATS CRADLE & OM BONGO STAGE Bentley Rhythm Ace (DJ Set)Boogie Down BrumCut La RocRennie PilgremBonzeDr MeakerGuessmenZetan SporeGlover LIVEScuba RootsNo1 StationNew Groove FormationAdeWotchamacallit?Jamez23OrangafruupLittle ErisSyd ArthurOrchid-StarThe Phoenix RoseRhizomes Left Step BandA.S.M (A State of Mind / Wax Tailor)King Capisce ELECTRONICA STAGE- (hosted by Archangel^ in conjunction with Kane FM and Boost FM) FreestylersPyramid ft Ken Mac vs Wizard ft Ivory Alistair Whitehead Graham ParkFar Too LoudDavip Freshold ft Mr Fame EARTHEART STAGE - (hosted by Alpha Omega & Essense) John 00 FlemingHedflux GAIA CHILL STAGE Antonio Testa & Susana Beatriz AlvearDub TekLunarsonicTerra NineNorthcoreZub ZeroIacchusDJs Confirmed so far...EntheogenicBez23FluidChandranandaNovaPete ArdronDJ On OmIrishfaeryRobin TriskeleRed EarthSolar Quest KAPLICK SOLAR STAGE Zub ZubAkahum Flutatious DJ PrimerDJ TrashTha London UndagroundLapis LazuliKaplickSystematic AudioTallowahBonzeThe Boot LagoonMy Bad SisterDelta Sleep ____________________________________________________________________ Just two weeks to go and we thought you might like our healing and conscious workshop line ups! HEALING ARENA Claire De Gruchy Shiatsu practitioner, studied shiatsu for 4 years and training at the Zen School of Shiatsu, degree in Complementary Therapies. Shiatsu comes from the point of view that mind, and body are inseparable and emotions too for that matter, basically that every part of your body and mind are related and if one part is not working so well, it has knock on effects in other areas. Also that physical pain could be the result of something on an emotional level and vice versa. Shiatsu is a great stress reliever; the pressure points used effect the nervous system allowing the receiver to relax, it can help you breath more deeply. When we are more relaxed we allow our bodies own healing mechanism to work better. Shiatsu may help with a range of stress problems and chronic conditions Umberto Gambardella Spiritual Healing is an expression of compassion or unconditional love. What is spiritual healing? Holistic healing : Mind , Body , Spirit It's primary objective is to affect the spiritual consciousness of the patient. The raisimg of their consciousness, however , does have a profoundly positive effect on their health and well -being. This healing effect manifest in all aspect of person , Mind, Body and Spirit , and is effective irrespective religious beliefs. Healing Benefit the patient's own life force energy. Sing your Heart Out! Harmony Singing Workshop by Sheila Tang Sheila Tang is an experienced workshop leader and choir director, running choirs in Bristol and workshops around the UK. Sheila teaches easy to learn four part harmony songs from around the world. All songs taught will be easy enough for complete beginners, so come and sing your heart out, and be uplifted by songs with groovy rhythms and lush harmonies! Diamond Yoga workshop by Rob Simpson Rob Simpson has a wealth of teaching experience in yoga and meditation. Rob's workshops are accessible to both beginners and the more experienced, and will take students on a yoga journey of both mind and body for relaxation, well being and mind expansion. 'Journey Through Your Senses' - a healing workshop by Josie Sucu to help connect you to your Truth and bring it more into focus and into your reality. This workshop will help you understand the interaction between the body and the mind through the experience of connecting with your own Senses. By accessing and focusing our subtle fields in a safe natural way, we follow our own individual healing path towards Wholeness, bringing more understanding, joy, fulfilment and improved health and relationships into our human realities. The session will start with a brief introduction followed by a facilitated healing process for 1 hour using various healing techniques depending on the needs of the Group, which may include meditative stillness, healing cards, focused healing time, and/or interaction through discussion/questions. You may participate as much or as little as you wish, knowing that you will receive whatever healing or inspiration is appropriate for you at this time. Happy Hour Healing ~ Reiki ~ Dilly Bell, Caroline Abrahams, Aaron Wells Yoga & Pranayama Meditation ~ Kirsty May Hatha Yoga ~ Amy Kirkbride Kinesiology ~ Josie Sucu Self Healing & Meditation' Workshop ~ Aaron Wells Guided meditation ~ Vicki Ivanovic Happy Hour Healing ~ Chakra Healing ~ Umberto Garbandella ____________________________________________________________________ WORLDSHIFT WORKSHOPS & ACTIVITIES * Worldshift - A Routemap To Conscious Evolution * How To Engage With Worldshift Media * The Role of Positive Media * Living Language * Alternative Answers * OnIT Youth Empowerment Programmes * Ally Pally - The People's Palace * Lessons From Tipi Valley - Land Trusts & Community Cohesion * Inner Smiles * Creative Writing Workshop * Dress To Express Workshop * SPEAK / Music SPEAKS Infospace & Workshops * Collective Consciousness Experiment * Sustainable Health Workshops & Healings * The Worldshift Debate - Medical Marijuana: A Human Rights Issue? * Worldshift Mini Solar Cinema - Conscious Films * Positive TV Showcase Screenings * There Is Nothing Wrong - A Tribute to Brian Viziondanz * Worldshift Student Nights / Worldshift Clubnights Infospace Be part of this Worldshift - it's just a decision away! For more information, see Worldshift Media - Worldshiftmedia.org ____________________________________________________________________ FIND US ONLINE and STAY UPDATED !!!New Website: www.waveformfestival.comFacebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wavefo...242865Facebook Event Page: Waveform - Events | Facebook