Richard John Mowatt, better known as Solarstone, should not be a new name for any of you. He started his producing career back in 1995 with his first single Green Light on Hooj Choons. In 1999 his legendary Seven Cities saw the light and in 2002 he reached new hights with Solarcoaster. The years passed and with them many great tracks, albums and combilations.
In 2009 created a whole new level for him self as a DJ. A new compilation series, known as Electronic Architecture (EA) was nominated in the Best Full Lenght DJ Mix category in the International Dance Music Awards and is just about the biggest you can achieve for a DJ.
EA concentrates on new, unheard of producers from all over the world and with ground-breaking new music, an unseen artwork and solarstone written all over it, it won many hearts in EDM.

=========EA== CD1===================================
Once you hit the start button you don't want to stop again. The magical reconstruction of Tarrantellas Jigsaw is filled with space-sounds, a deep bass, light percussions and a well placed hi-hat. The track itselves doesn't have a melody you'll remember when it ends, but is a perfect intro track which sets the mood for the rest of the cd. Originally, Dragonfly by Forerunners is a great, uplifting track, but Ilya Malyuev turned it into a warm, deep, progressive track with wonderful background effects and a unique bass which actually creates the melody in this track. It slowly transitions into a non-melodic track called Oversound by Cormac Murphy Listening to this track as a single probably won't get you excited, but it is a necessary track which definitely isn't just a filler. Filigro have made som excellent, slow tracks in the past and Questinia is one of his best. The hard-beating bass, space effects in the background adds a unique atmosphere which makes this track one of the best progressive tracks I've ever heard.
Next up is an unusual remix by Alucard of Katchas Touched By God which is mainly controlled by two long breakdowns and a kind of african atmosphere. It is a track which fits the mood for EA perfectly with light sounds and great, subtle effects. Now we come to one of my favorite tracks, a warm, melodic and unique track by the unknown artists Under This. The track is called Black & White and is a wonderful breaks track. You can't have a Solarstone compilation without a Solarstone track. Here he teams up with Orkidea to create Slowmotion in the French Renaissance Edition. A mysterious track with warm sounds, great vocal chords and a very clear Orkidea sound to it! Jahawi is probably an unknown producer for some of you and with good reason. Jahawi Bertolli haven't produced a lot of tracks, but that definitely doesn't show here! Kenya is filled with gorgeous vocals chords, a driving bassline and a haunting melody. What more can you demand? Outer Limits by LTN is a rather special track with cool background effects and a psydelic bass. The track reminds you of a slower version of the first goa tracks actually! One of the best "guitar" tracks I've heard belongs to Harley Soan. With a deep bass, a wonderful guitar which creates the melody and a superb relaxing atmosphere, he gives you: Long Drive Home.

Edu shouldn't be an unknown producer as he have produced more than 4 EPs and creates numerous of remixes. Here he is at his best with his own Escape Mix of Before They Came. It has quiet a long build-up filled with effects and a light bassline. With breakdown on 40 seconds you probably think it is pretty rushed, but that's definitely not the case here. A great mysterious melody and a wonderful track near the end! Dave Horne have produces many light tracks with warm melodies and this is one of his best. What Lies Between is one of my favorite tracks on EA CD 1 and also have a long build-up on almost 2:30 minutes. With soft bells, a chord in the background and a light bass, the track is perfect for EA! We are at the end now on CD 1 and to bring you the last track, we have Solarstone yet again. This time he remixed a track named Mirror by Winterlight. A warm track with a gorgeous melody and that special Solarstone touch. Just perfect for an ending.

=========EA============ CD2=========================
A mysterious, short intro filled with nice effects starts when you hit the play button for the second CD. Muttering Retreat by Leo G already sets the standarts for CD2, which is pretty high! Unique background effects, yet again, and wonderful bassline which reminds you of tracks from 8-10 years ago and a nice piano leads the way throughout this track. Engin Ogutveren, better known as Majera, haven't produced a single bad track yet and this one is truly a beauty! Vocal chords, a breakdown reminding you of the old Airwave and a light bass is classy Majera and this time he surely does it again with Believe. Finally I'm here, my favorite Solaris track of all time: Transience by Stan Void. I don't even know where to start with this track. A dry, yet deep, bass, wonderful percussion, bells, vocal chords, a unique melody and many other things makes this track more than perfect.

Bot Cipryan definitely isn't a known producer but here he gives us a classic Solaris track, Astral Breeze. If you don't already love CD 2 by now I'll slap you! A heavy bass and massive effects is the signature of this track and it works amazingly together. At the second the next track kicks in, you are in heaven. The legendary track by Saints & Sinners, Peace, remixed by Breakfast with probably his best track/remix yet makes you fly. The bass, vocal chords and the legendary breakdown is some of the best you'll hear in EDM. Ever. It will be extremely hard to follow up on Peace, but Solarstone knows how to do it. Solar Energy have made the best releases yet on Solar Swarm Recordings and here he doesn't disappoint you at all! The melody is the signature here and even kicks the great bassline away. Nothing is wrong with this track and definitely the breakdown is amazing! Next up is a short track on just about 3 minutes, which is the right lenght. Not because it is bad, but because if you get anything more, you'll kill of the flow. I am here talking about Starfighter by Haylon and remixed by Observer & Heatcliff. A raw bassline and classy breakdown with a beautiful melody drives you through to the next track made by JoX and now we crank it up a bit with Microbial! A great, heavy bassline dominates the track till the melody kicks in. Vocal chords, a great, classic, trance melody and subtle background effects makes this track great.

As said before, Forerunners makes amazing, uplifting tracks and here we definitely get to feel the power! It is Solarstones & Alucards track Late Summer Fields which have been remixed here and Forerunners makes a perfect, Solaris track. A cool bassline mixed with a haunting melody completes the cd! But wait, we aren't there yet! Gary Orvis gives us a massive, uplifting track called Try To Find. This track you have to listen to if you like uplifting trance as it is one of the best in its genre. A piano domintes the breakdown and right when the bass kicks in again you can't stop you dance along! One of the more heavy basslines belongs to this Reconstruction of Souls In Motions Sensuall Illusion. Solarstone could have choosed the Forerunners Remix here, but instead he gives us the "original mix" which actually fits way better with the flow. The bass is very deep and have some techy elements right after the breakdown, but when the soft melody kicks in, it just doesn't get any better. We are now at the end. Igor Markov, also known as Reii have made some of the warmest breaks tracks I know and with Shocks he just proves why. A massive deep bass with warm melodies closes this cd. What a journey it have been!

=========EA==================== VERDICT=============
I'm not going to compare this compilation with 10 year old compilations like ISOS 1, Northern Exposure and so on, that would be pointless. Instead I will compare it to compilations which have been released in the last 5-6 years. It is the best compilations I've ever heard, simple as that. I've tried so hard to find flaws in the flow, transitions, the tracks and/or the mastering, but it just isn't possible. I'm a very big fan of EA and when I heard this compilation for the very first time I was stunned.
I will never give a compilation nor an album 10 out of 10, but this is as close as it comes. The flow is perfect, the tracks are some of the best I've heard for the last 5-6 years and the way Solarstone manages to create such a atmosphere is beyond my believe.
You have to be open minded if you want to enjoy this compilation as much as I do. If you are a hardcore uplift-fan you probably won't enjoy it till the last 6-7 tracks on CD 2, but I think you should give it a shot. This is definitely a journey in EDM

Score: 9,99 / 10

=========EA============================ TRACKLIST===
Electronic Architecture CD 1
1. Tarrantella - Jigsaw (Reconstruction)
2. Forerunners - Dragonfly (Ilya Malyuev Remix Reconstruction)
3. Cormac Murphy - Oversound
4. Filigro - Questinia
5. Katcha - Touched By God (Alucard Remix)
6. Under This - Black & White (Reconstruction)
7. Solarstone & Orkidea - Slowmotion (French Renaissance Mix)
8. Jahawi - Kenya
9. LTN - Outer Limits
10. Harley Soan - Long Drive Home
11. Edy - Before They Came (Escape Mix)
12. Dave Horne - What Lies Between (Retroid & Original Reconstruction)
13. Winterlight - Mirror (Solarstone Subterranean Mix)

Electronic Architecture CD 2
1. Solarstone - Reconstructed Intro
2. Leo G - Muttering Retreat
3. Majera - Believe
4. Stan Void - Transience
5. Bot Cipryan - Astral Breeze
6. Saints & Sinners - Peace (Breakfast Remix)
7. Solar Energy - Wanna Feel What You Feel (Instrumental Mix)
8. Haylon - Starfighter (Observer & Heatcliff Remix)
9. JoX - Microbial
10. Solarstone & Alucard - Late Summer Fields (Forerunners Dub)
11. Gary Orvis - Try To Find
12. Souls In Motion - Sensual Illusion (Reconstruction)
13. Reii - Shocks