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Thread: James Aville & Nicolas Agudelo - Marimbian (incl. Aleksey Yakovlev, Neirda remixes) [ARR024]

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    James Aville & Nicolas Agudelo - Marimbian (incl. Aleksey Yakovlev, Neirda remixes) [ARR024]

    Samples & Purchase: Search Results :: Marimbian :: Beatport

    Arrival's 24th release comes from two new additions to the label, who form a Colombian duo: James Aville, with only a release on Round Triangle behind him, and Nicolas Agudelo, with releases on labels such as Particles, Quadraphonic, and Liquid Grooves. A firm beat is soon established in the original mix, and an array of light synth layers follow shortly after. Later, a groovy and energetic bassline emerges, and a sweeping synth line above enhances the soundscape. After the break, the enjoyable and frisky main lead takes over, adding an extra level of rhythm to the track.

    Russian producer Aleksey Yakovlev, one of the remix competition winners for Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa's "Move On", joins Arrival for a remix of "Marimbian". His remix begins with frisky percussion lines, powerful background riffs, and intriguing synth lines on top. In the break, more melodies are introduced, and later, the beat, bassline, and main riffs continue to maintain the energy level of the song.

    Neirda, a guise from French producer Adrien Aubrun, has previously released a few progressive house records on Progrezo, but this time on Arrival he shows us another genre: ambient. A lush atmosphere is quickly set up, including mesmerizing pad layers and small, blissful bell melodies. Additional string layers are added towards the end, resulting in a perfect outro for this package.

    Cat#: ARR024
    Release date: August 25th, 2011
    Genre: progressive house, ambient
    Format: digital
    Stores: Beatport exclusively

    Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
    01 James Aville & Nicolas Agudelo - Marimbian (Original Mix)
    http://02 James Aville & Nicolas Agu...akovlev Remix)
    http://03 James Aville & Nicolas Agu...(Neirda Remix)

    and many more...

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    Original and Aleksey Yakovlev are amazing! Would really like a longer Chillout Mix

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    Aleksey Yakovlev Remix
    I do not live in the world of sobriety.

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