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Thread: 9/23/11 Get Accused w/SLEEPY & BOO + more @ Cameo Gallery

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    9/23/11 Get Accused w/SLEEPY & BOO + more @ Cameo Gallery

    Friday September 23rd - Criminal Sound Presents...
    Get Accused @ Cameo Gallery
    Featuring Sleepy & Boo, Connie + Oscar Rojas

    Criminal Sound comes to Brooklynís Cameo Gallery for a no-holds-barred of underground music with NYCís top DJs.
    Come on out and Get Accused with Basic NYCís resident duo Sleepy & Boo handling headlining duties, dropping a signature set of hypnotic tech-house and dark techno. Joining them in the booth is ReSoluteís Connie, with Criminal Sound's Oscar Rojas coming up from Washington DC to start things off and visuals by Trilogy's Eli-Q.

    Basic NYC |

    Along with:

    Criminal Sound

    Visuals by Eli-Q

    For guest list - for our list

    Where: Cameo Gallery (93 North 6th Street, Williamsburg)
    When: Friday Sept. 23rd (11pm - late)
    Price: Email for our guest list

    Resolute Label
    NOSI Music
    Cameo Gallery
    elianaquintero's Channel - YouTube
    Criminal Sound
    Criminal Sound (@criminalsound) on Twitter

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    Looking forward to this Friday! Cameo is a really fun spot for music.

    Make sure to hit up for our list

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    Criminal Sound is proud to have Oscar Rojas in September for our 5th Volume of our monthly mix series.

    Click the link below to listen:

    Oscar Rojas - Criminal Sound Vol 005 - September 2011

    Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, Oscar Rojas has been a DJ, promoter and avid dance music aficionado for over 9 years now. His musical roots date back to the early age of 13 when he studied music, learned to play guitar and went on to join several local rock bands. Early influences included everything from 80′s synth pop to 90′s rock/metal.

    Music remained a vital part of his everyday life and in 1998 grew to include electronic dance music. Oscar has performed and organized events in the Washington DC area’s most reputable venues and various other major cities on the east coast. He is known for both his deep sexy warm-up sets and his driving peak hour slots which range anywhere from deep/tech house to funky/progressive house. This ‘on the fly’ versatility and careful attention to the technical aspects of the art of DJ’ing are what have set him apart through the years. This can also be credited to countless hours spent on his never ending quest to find quality dance music and customizing various productions with his own re-edits. Be on the look out for original productions by Oscar Rojas in the coming months.

    Criminal Sound

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    Got a few free entry spots on my list for this Friday at Cameo. Hit me up at if you want to come out!

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