RELEASE DATE 2011-08-23
LABEL Silk Royal Records

Silk Royal is pleased to welcome a new face to the label, Ontario-based producer Nigel Good. Honing his craft for over a decade, Nigel is sure to make a big splash this year in the world of progressive. The title cut of the EP, "The Known Universe," begins with a "live" bass riff -- a central motif that guides the tune through various peaks and valleys. Another key element is introduced early on -- a gorgeously processed vox sequence, which suggests an alien presence within this 'universe.' Around the quarter turn, a steady beat and bassline give the track a smooth groove. These later give way to a resonant chord-based synth sequence. Post breakdown, all of these elements brilliantly coalesce. The second cut in the EP, "Civilization," is hardly a b-side tune: the bleeding-edge sound design in this one is undoubtedly as inspired as the title cut. Early on, the track builds upon outer-wordly rhythmic effects, as well as a poignant lead theme, which becomes increasingly prominent in the tune. Yet, the song's incisive emotional edge is not fully revealed until the stunning break, which features a symphonic string solo, followed by the re-emergence of the central melodic theme. A powerful drop follows, which serves as a final reminder of the boundless talent of this talented newcomer.
Out on Beatport:
The Known Universe [Silk Royal Records] :: Beatport