Purchase/Preview: Stay Here / Among The Stars [Macarize] :: Beatport

Artist: Outlook
Title: Stay Here / Among The Stars
Label: Macarize
Cat #: MRIZE021

Through the eyes of this Macarize newcomer, the world is a place where reality is in perfect harmony with melody. We are, of course, talking about Tom Newman, the driving force behind the melodic progressive act, Outlook! As a 20 year old producer from England, Tom has been heavily influenced by the likes of Dinka, Mossy, and EDX to name a few. His budding yet promising sound has finally found a place on Macarize and can now be heard in his debut release, “Stay Here / Among the Stars”!

Indulge yourselves to “Stay Here”-- a sweet piano-led track to start things off! Something fresh awaits you as the second and last track in this release. “Among the Stars”, aside from it being very melodic, is a tune that will definitely turn any bad day into a good one!

Humble beginnings and simple joys, this is the story of Tom Newman aka. Outlook. With “Stay Here / Among the Stars” being released on Macarize, things just got a little sweeter on the label!

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