The LIQUATECH sound comes to MUM.
This track was first heard at a Rulers Of The Deep gig in Estonia where the MUM A&R team just happened to be... when this track dropped the whole place errupted. A standout track from the night and the deal was struck there and then. DJ Meri (aka Cylon and one half of Rulers Of The Deep) shook hands on this project over several gallons of beer and other unmentionable beverages and so a few months later the package is complete with remixes from Mark Holmes and Spin Science - and already in the sets of Tom Middleton, Mark Knight, Matt Darey to name a few.

An interesting project not only because of how it was discovered but also because of the Liquatech sound. Fusing Deep House and painstaking analogue production techniques akin to methods used by the likes of Adam F to produce an exceptionally big and warm bass which we're all familiar with from the drum & bass scene. Stunning vocals and smooth melody from Eva K complete the orginal beautifully to jaw dropping results and the instrumental version drops just as well. Ultimately with the production pedigree of Meri / ROTD you know you're in for a treat...

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Support comes from Tom Middleton, Mark Knight, Matt Darey, Tom Flynn, DJ Chus, Christian Hornbostel, Roy The Roach, Sarah Main, Moodymanc, David Vendetta, Alan X, Gabriel Ben, Carl Hanaghan, Charles Feelgood, Ki Creighton, Trent Cantrelle, Rosie Romero, Gabi Newman, Hyricz, Merimell, Jamie Gittins, Greg Fenton, Aleksij, Kate Wildblood, Aldrin, Dale Anderon, Sean Biddle, Bert Bevans, Brandon Block, Vincent Kwok, Cass Roc and many more...

DJ Meri ft Eva K - Warmer Days - Original Liquatech Mix - Mark Holmes - Spin Science Rmx - MUM by MUM-ManchesterUnderground on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

[YOUTUBE]DJ Meri ft Eva K - Warmer Days + Mark Holmes / Spin Science Rmx - MUM068 - YouTube[/YOUTUBE]