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Thread: Canadian ISPs throttling real time media

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    Canadian ISPs throttling real time media


    First of all I hope all is well. Looks like AH has been a success for you and congratulate you for your hard efforts in sticking with your venture here. I didn't think you would have continued this far.

    I'm currently in a very public battle with the CRTC here in Canada. I've caught one of our ISP's here Rogers slowing down real time media. This has been an issue throughout Canada and the US for years, and has a direct impact on this station.

    Would like to talk with you further on this if you are interested. PM me. We already have support from the gaming industry, and was wondering if you would like to chime in here. Up to you dude. This would also give you a lot of press for the station as well.


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    Most ppl incl me dunno what CRTC is!

    AT&T in US decreased my data speed; can't listen as much as wanted.
    I wish u success in the battle (& the war)!

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