Release date: 2011-09-26
Record label: Silent Shore
Format: WAV/MP3

Summer is a time of Anthems and Oen Bearen & TrancEye hit it on the right spot. They smashed it with their new single "Goodnight My Everything" in the right moment. There are rumours that the pure Uplifting is slowly disappearing but is it even possible after hearing this beauty?

DJ/Radio Support: Sean Tyas (Tytanium Sessions 107), Manuel Le Saux, Vaselin Tasev (Digital Trance World 191), Robert Gitelman (10/10), Karybde & Scylla, Odonbat, Abstract Vision & DSI, Ex-Driver, OzzyXPM, Angel Ace, Jordan Waeles, Matt Trigle, El Jay and more...

Original Mix gives you everything starting with smooth intro beats Oen Bearen & TrancEye are nicely preparing you for stunning "film score" breakdown and when they push your trough this emotional experience it is time for main lead to come. uplifting lives on and we are honoured to give it to you all!

SSR077: Oen Bearen & TrancEye - Goodnight My Everything (Original Mix) - YouTube

Goodnight My Everything comes with remixes by already beloved Suprano (SSR077: Oen Bearen & TrancEye - Goodnight My Everything (Suprano Remix) - YouTube) who show once again his passion for driving trance sounds and Chasing Dreams ( SSR077: Oen Bearen & TrancEye - Goodnight My Everything (Chasing Dreams Emotional Intro Mix) - YouTube) who bring you their Emotional Intro Mix.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

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