Purchase/Preview: Time Flies [Macarize] :: Beatport

Artist: Matao
Title: Time Flies
Label: Macarize
Cat #: MRIZE023

Bringing his crafty progressive house imprint on Macarize for the very first time with the release, “Time Flies”, Marat Matao or simply Matao pulls the trigger and unleashes massive rock-solid yet uplifting sounds straight from Moscow! Macarize knows best, and that is why for remixing duties, Kobana, one of the most versatile progressive house producers ever, had been assigned to take one for the team!

Crafty is head-nodding stabs, deep rolling bass, and serene uplifts. This original mix of “Time Flies” truly captures the true essence of the timeless progressive house vibe! For the Kobana remix, expect something new. Kobana, known for his frequent innovations in the field of EDM, puts together the bliss of progressive house and the wobbling bass of dubstep.

There is always something fresh on Macarize-- new releases, new artists, new sounds, but the one passion for unadulterated progressive house music remains. “Time Flies”, Matao’s debut on Macarize, is out now!

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