OUT NOW (Beatport Exclusive) | Variations EP [Enhanced Progressive] :: Beatport

Production brothers Alexander Sofinsky and Andrey Sofinsky have been crafting a good name for themselves in recent times with their solid brand of progressive trance.

The Variations EP is their first release on Enhanced Progressive, and contains all those essential elements that has made their name so far.

Deep and dark, the Blue and Pink take on the Variations track are similar in essence but each twist the theme in their own way; Blue staying darker whilst Pink add's an extra touch of sparkle to the proceedings.

Beatport Date : 19th September 2011
Release Date (other stores) : 3rd October 2011
Cat. Number : ENPROG068
Label : Enhanced Progressive / Enhanced Music


1. Blue Variations
2. Pink Variations

ENPROG068: Progressiver - Variations EP Variations EP [Enhanced Progressive] :: Beatport
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Supportlist: Dash Berlin, M.I.K.E , Will Holland, 7 Skies, Aaron Camz, Andre Visior, Angel Ace, Dimitri Kechagias, Flash Brothers, Haris C, Harry Fowler, James Brookes, Kaeno, Manuel Le Saux, Marc Simz, Mike Mikhjian, MoodFreak, Neal Scarborough, Neil Moore, Paul Pearson, Phillip Alpha, Sam Wankowski, Shawn Mitiska, Suzy Solar, Taras Huntley, Tempo Giusto, Vinny Troya and many more...