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Thread: song with "mental health hotline" sample

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    song with "mental health hotline" sample

    Monday September 19, 10:44 PM PDT
    The track was between "Ian Buff - Connective Sounds 079..."
    and "Volt presents Voltography - The Current Sound 55"
    (i was using streamripper)

    The song begins with a sample from "Mental Health Hotline"
    eg. Mental Health Hotline - YouTube
    i've searched for this song and found this:
    "Space Buddha - Mental Hotline"
    but this is a different track (more like psytrance)
    and the one i heard last night had a melancholic intro
    and was more upbeat

    Can someone help me out with this?

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    how about John Askew - Bastard (Original Mix) ?

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