Artist: Kabbage1977
Title of the compilation: Trancetastic mix 106
Date of recording: [21/09/11]
Time: 1:06:57

Hello and good afternoon, here we go with a 1 hour Energised Uplifting Power Trance DJ mix, Trancetastic mix 106.

Kabbage1977 by kabmusic1, on Flickr

1: Can't Fall Back (Akku Epic Intro Remix) - P.T.M. Squad Project [Trance All Stars]
2: Uriel (Original Mix) - TrancEye [Redux Recordings]
3: Goodnight My Everything (Original Mix) - Oen Bearen And Tranceye [Silent Shore Recordings]
4: Remember Me (Stonevalley Remix) - Rory Gallagher feat. Sean Ryan [Alter Ego Records]
5: Solaris (Original Mix) - Airborne Angel [Shah Music]
6: Eastern Spirit (Ian Betts Remix) - Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson [Discover]
7: Sakura (Original Mix) - Novaline [Unearthed Records]
8: Holding On (Original Mix) - Ryan Mendoza [Unearthed Red]
9: No Way Back (Original Mix) - Touchstone [Digitized Recordings]
10: Remember (Original Mix) - Ion Blue Feat Danny Claire [Factual Records]

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Click and enjoy!
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