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Warm Textures is here!
Six tracks form some of the most talented new kids on the block kick off this series.
Steve McCready aka Smak kicks things off with 'Deundo'. A building techy groove filled with rolling percussion and warm and deeper chord riffs backed with subtle string lines make this an essential weapon for those who like it techie with some porgy shades!
Praveen Achary takes things on a flying note with 'Butterflies'. Warm and melodic this tune is exactly what you want to hear on the terrace at 6 am with the sun rising up! We think there is no best way to describe it….. Listen to it, and you will agree!
Mike Duz 'Situations' is a flood filler. A driving groove, hooky arpeggio riffs, a growling bass line and an explosive breakdown are the winning combo in this track!
RB Project deliver 'Believe'. The building groove, warm chord lines and synth layers and heavily assisted by the atmospheric soundscapes take this track straight into outer space.
Verve joins us with 'Hypnomod' - a hypnotic groover with lots of warmth. This one just keeps rolling and building layer and it truly grab your mind, body & soul!
Last but not least there is Peter McGill with 'Sostenuto'. A strong techy groove filled with quirky percussion and chopped vocal samples are a perfect background to evolving chides that give this track a hypnotic feel that will make you move your feet.
Over all we think there is something for everybody - so take a bit of your time and check this out!


Hernan Cattaneo: Thanx Alex, good stuff. Deundo is my favorite!

Orde Meikle (Slam): all cool trax - will spin thanx

Cid Inc: Great package! Will play

Nick Warren: Believe is the one.

Dimitri Nakov: Smak and RB project are my favs. Great collection of electronica.

Kassey Voorn: Butterflies for me.

Miss Nine: nice package (butterflies / deundo for me)

Dibby Dougherty: great selection here top marks

Gavyn Mytchel: Fantastic Package, will support all of these!!!

Sebastian Davidson: Nice melodic stuff in here! Support from the Davidson camp!

Gemma Furbank: Another great release from Mirabilis. All very well produced, wicked vibe and high quality beat's. Loving 'Butterflies'.
Great work guys!

Barry Jamieson: Nice!

Randall Jones: Smooth tracks! I like 'Sostenuto' the best...

Robert Owens: Deundo - i love the vibe on this track, thank you

Nomad in the Dark: Fantastic stuff. Loving Praveen's track here.

Sonic Union: Really like Smak, Praveen and Mcgill tunes here! nice one! Thanks for sending!

Mitch Alexander: wicked collection of tracks here guys, Praveen's is especially nice! that's my fave!

Pena: RB proj is good....praveen achary is fine also. thanks

Ben Coda: Nice selection of tracks, really feeling Pete's!

Wade Bennet: great pack. will try some Smak

Stuart Millar: this is cool....

Daniel Mehes: great summer closing compilation. a bit prog for my taste but my fav is the Smak - Deundo! well done, thanks

Logiztik Sounds: will try some of them

Stefan Bauer: sorry for the late reply! cool package, verve and praveen deliver my fav. tracks!

Steve Haines: really nice package guys

Jay Kaufman: Solid collection of tunes, but Steve McCready's tune is bloody good.

Steve Turnbull - Cool FM: Superb promo, all great productions. Mike Duz takes the gold for me.

Sasha Le Monnier: Killer sounds from Smak again also Verve! Overall great album, loving the direction of this one, cheers Mirabilis!

Andy Newland: cool release - rb is my fav though

Anderson Noise: downloading thanks

Joe Fisher: Though all tracks are good, Deundo stand out!

Markus Schulz: downloading for Markus thanks

Hisham Zahran: liking praveens tune

Todd Burns (RA): Thanks! Downloading.

D-Phrag: colorful release, my faves are Smak and Pete McGill

Eddy Good: Deundo ‚Δμ fave track

Hans Tavera: Tons of tracks I will play!, Deundo, Hypnomod,

Bogdan Taran: I'd say this is not the style I play these days, but Situations is nice

Neil Browne: Great collecction of tracks here. Praveen Achary & Mike Duiz both really impressive tracks. Peter Mcgill is just a brilliant and defo pick of the bunch for me. Great Work all round, Thanks

Nik Feral: some nice sounds all round but Hypnomod is my fave

Silinder: Some great tracks on here, Smak & Peter McGill are favs for me here

Eddie F: Heard some serious electronic music here!!!But Sostenuto is ace!!! Will play and support!!

Arjun Avinash - Audioprone: Situations for me.

Paraveen Achary: What a strong compilation, super happy to be on it as well. All are strong contenders, but Peter's 'Sostenuto' is

Emma: Love this package. Rb Project-Believe is favourite of mine,but liking all stuff!

Uncle Roll: Is the best track from this pack. Thanks!

Paul Trelles: Hypnomod is my fav here, thanks for sending this nice bombs

Brendon Colloins (Summer): Great stuff guys my favs are Peter McGill, Smak, and RB_Project, and Verve really takes off too. Thanks

Tim Benjamin: hard to choose a favourite one, great package! RB, Praveen and Peter Mcgill are my picks

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