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Thread: Trance Podium & PT Events pres. Special 5th Anniversary Competition!

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    Trance Podium & PT Events pres. Special 5th Anniversary Competition!

    While the 5th Anniversary Celebration on is coming closer and close, we start a special competition to make the celebration even more special. Trance Podium and PT Events, known from the GrotesQue events, have joined forces for this special 5th Anniversary Competition!

    On September the 29th of September our 5th Anniversary will be celebrated with a 24-hour broadcast on our partner radiostation, starting at 9 am CET. Our other partner, Luminosity Events, wanted to do something too with giving away free tickets for their ADE event which they organized together with PT Event. But that event got cancelled and since Luminosity has no other events planned at the moment, PT Events stepped in.


    PT Events will give away 3 sets of 2 tickets for their upcoming GrotesQue Jubileum Edition party on the 15th of October in Rotterdam with Menno de Jong and Leon Bolier amongst others!

    How to enter?

    All you need to do in order to enter the contest is to be a registered member of our site, copy the form at the bottom of this page, fill it out and send it in an email to before 1 hour before the end of our 5th Anniversary Celebration broadcast, meaning: before 8 am CET on the 30th of September 2011.


    - You have to be a registered Trance Podium member. If you're not a member yet, click here now and register. It's for free!
    - You need to completely fill out the form bellow with the correct information and send an email to with subject: "Celebration competition"
    - Deadline for submissions is 30 September 2011 at 8 am CET.
    - The winners will be announced just before the end of the 24-hour broadcast!

    Submission Form

    Full Name:
    TrancePodium username:
    Full address:

    Note: include your country of residence in the address as well.

    Good luck!

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