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Thread: JK Walker - Double Life (inc Activa & Impulsive)[Borderline]

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    JK Walker - Double Life (inc Activa & Impulsive)[Borderline]


    Out on Beatport: 10th October 2011
    Out in all download stores: 24th October 2011

    Support from: Scot Project, Activa, Greg Downey, Jon O'Bir, Mark Sherry, Paul Trainer, Paul Webster, Peetu S, Simon Bostock, Andre Visior, Akira Kayosa, Thomas Datt, Will Atkinson, William Daniel and many more!

    The return of JK Walker is here!

    It has been a long journey for John Stembridge, one that created the JK Walker alias that saw its peak in the height of the hard trance era, when the likes of Scot Project reigned at the top of the genre. A lot has changed since then, but JK Walker is still an alias that resonates with the clubbing fraternity of the time, their memories linked to many of his productions.

    The JK Walker alias has now returned with a track that consolidates John's knowledge and styles to great effect. A track that sounds as unique now as any of his material from half a decade ago; Double Life. The original mix is, what could be considered as the new hard trance. Tough synths, a booming kick and an evil riff!

    Label boss Activa is on hand with a Mekk-esque take on Double Life that adjusts the main riff to create an uplifting, but booming monster. The groove and drive of the remix reminiscent of Resistance, a track still revered by many trance fans.

    Last but not least, Borderline regular Impulsive Drive with a techier remix which is much more groove driven with glitches galore!

    A wide ranging package that will be sure to have something youll like!

    Beatport Release Date: 10th October 2011
    Full Release Date: 24th October 2011
    Catalogue No: BORDM015
    Label: Borderline Music

    1. JK Walker - Double Life (Original Mix)
    2. JK Walker - Double Life (Activa Remix)
    3. JK Walker - Double Life (Impulsive Drive Remix)

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    Activa remix
    I wanna hear real Trance!

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    I really like this release

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