Purchase/Preview: Albinos / Smoothie / Iris [Macarize] :: Beatport

Artist: Allan V.
Title: Albinos / Smoothie / Iris
Label: Macarize
Cat #: MRIZE026

It’s time for some blissful progressive house once again on Macarize, and the one in charge this time is a newcomer Allan V! Having new names debut on the label is something that the guys on Macarize always look forward to, for new artists spell out new exciting sounds for their listeners. “Albinos / Smoothie / Iris” is Allan V’s debut release on the label - and for this one, delightful melodies are all that matters!

Allan V firstly showcases the thundering side of his productions as heard on “Albinos”. Although a track of high energy, “Albinos” still manages to put in a quite emotive breakdown to balance things off.

Now on to the smoother side of his tracks, “Smoothie” and “Iris” completes the release as the second and third track respectively. The sound of “Smoothie”, from the title itself, is already a giveaway - it’s not that hard to imagine, really. “Iris”, on the other hand, is the paramount of emotion in the release. Fragile piano melodies greet you at the breakdown for “Iris”, and Macarize just made sure that this track would make it to the release!

This week on Macarize is the debut of Allan V with his three track release, “Albinos / Smoothie / Iris”!