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Thread: Flash Brothers Pres. Tolerance - Siberdia [Fraction]

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    Flash Brothers Pres. Tolerance - Siberdia [Fraction]

    1. Original Mix
    Flash Brothers Pres. Tolerance - Siberdia (Original Mix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

    2. Gary Maguire Remix
    Flash Brothers Pres. Tolerance - Siberdia (Gary Maguire Remix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

    >> Click here to buy exclusively from Beatport <<

    The Flash Brothers debut on Fraction with their latest floor pounding, energy filled trance masterclass: Siberdia. Known the world over, but never pigeon holed into one specific genre, the trio once again show why they have managed to stay at the top of the dance music scene for so long!

    The Original Mix features all the key ingredients we love here at Fraction - cone shaking kick drums, energetic bass lines, atmospheric soundscapes and roof-raising melodies fused perfectly into one tightly rolled razor sharp production to provide the ultimate peak-time slice of crowd-pleasing atmosphere for the big rooms!

    On remix duties, label favourite Gary Maguire is enlisted and proves to be on top form once again, rolling up his tech-trance sleeves and delivering his unmistakable big room drive to really seal the release perfectly!

    2 mixes overflowing with character and vibe - not to be missed!

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    Love the Original! Great stuff!

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