DR019 Andy Mac, Marrs & Brian James - The Emerald EP

Andy Mac - Evolve
Andy Mac - The Calm And The Storm
Andy Mac & Brian James - Lost For Words
Marrs feat. Andy Mac - Ariel
Marrs feat. Andy Mac - Emerald

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Worldwide Release - 24th October

Andy Mac returns to Digitized Recordings, with Brian James and Marrs, with 'The Emerald E.P.', a collection of uplifting, but deep, progressive anthems.

Opening the E.P., 'Evolve', is a huge hard uplifter of a track. A deep bassline and reverbed plucked synth builds with sweeping pads into an energetic breakdown. A powerful main synth and melodic hook ensure that this track never loses any of its energy. 'Evolve' is perfect for any trance playlist.

We go deeper and darker with 'The Calm and The Storm'. The deep bass couples with swirling, other-worldly pads. It slowly builds into a truly hands-up break full of plucky synths and mesmerising FX, carrying this momentum through into the main part of the track.

Andy Mac and Brian James collaborate on 'Lost For Words'. Following the catchy plucked bassline, Andy and Brian drop us into deep basses and hypnotic beats, breaking down into a superb, bright piano melody supported by luscious pads. The track evolves with a punchy arpeggio synthline before dropping us back into deep, driven trance.

'Ariel' instantly captivates with its opening pads and filtered kick. The progression into the breakdown is filled with swirling FX and entrancing synths, culminating in a deep progressive monster of a track.

The title track, 'Emerald', takes a brighter tone to the other tracks on the EP. The euphoric breakdown and beautifully bright melodies take the track into uplifting territory with a compelling main section, perfect for peak time trance sets.

Deep, engaging and simply not to be missed, 'The Emerald E.P.' is released by Digitized Recordings.

Support from:

Aaron Covarrubias, Above The Clouds, Abstract Vision, Anderson Noise, Andi Durrant, Ben Alonzi, Dan Tomski, Dave Deen, Dean Thomas, DJ Jerom, DJ Jusha, DJRow, El Jay, Flash Brothers, G Balasa, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Gordon Coutts, Johnny Juice, Karybde And Scylla, Kumara van der Gaast, Lazarus, Magdelayna, Manuel Le Saux, Maor Levi, Mat Lock, Ozzy XPM, Space Garden, Stoneface & Terminal, Stuart Wooster & Brett Wood

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