Purchase/Preview: Horoscope [Macarize] :: Beatport

Artist: Lunarbeam
Title: Horoscope (Original, Mindset and Domestic Technology Mixes)
Label: Macarize
Cat #: MRIZE027

Macarize unveils its latest release on the label-- “Horoscope”, the glimmering moonlit three-tracker from Lunarbeam! And of course, given this melodic progressive track, remixes from Domestic Technology and Mindset can be expected to bring out the best of both worlds.

“Horoscope” is truly a masterpiece, not just as a single track, but as a package itself. The poignant and timeless sounds showcased by Lunarbeam as well as the remixers, Domestic Technology and Mindset have once again been and will be appreciated by the people behind Macarize, and most especially by you. This is “Horoscope”-- now unveiled and now ready to be enjoyed by listeners around the world.