1. Original Mix
Wojciech Tuszynski - 5 A.M. (Original Mix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

2. Alternative Mix
Wojciech Tuszynski - 5 A.M. (Alternative Mix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

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Wojciech Tuszynski returns again to Fraction Records, once again serving up another slice of groove filled, genre crossing, brain twisting madness for the later hours rather aptly titled '5 A.M.'

The Original Mix features a glossy array of heavily slung percussive elements, warped out basslines and ever rising pitching melodies bedded firmly against the rock steady 4 x 4 kick drum to really provide the ultimate drive for those groove filled, smoked-out floors . Soaring synths and rising chord melodics on the breakdown really set the big room tone perfectly before igniting on the drop in - perfect afterdark material!

The Alternative Mix picks up again on the shuffle and vibe of the ever so slippery Original Mix, this time locking in further drive to the bass patterns and enhanced harmonic elements to really ensure those floors continue to rock out long into the night!

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