MIRABILIS 025: Soulwerk 'Lucid Dreams EP'

1. Lucid Dreams
2. Wind Rose

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Mirabilis goes to Portugal for the 25th release and we welcome aboard Soulwerk!
The title track to this EP is 'Lucid dreams' takes you on a cosmic ride! it all starts with spacey pads and gentle keys and warm chords and synth line that make this track more and more intense while the chugging groove keeps things moving. Defiantly a tune that will attract your ears!
The second track 'Wind rose' follows the title track but with guitar lick that gives the track some sort of balearic feel to. The hypnotic synths andspacey fx that keep on building through the whole track are perfectly matched with the building, cleverly programmed groove elements that make sure this track will move any dancefloor with ears for deeper, spacier shades of techno or progressive!


Hernan Cattaneo: Been playing this a lot!

Nick Warren: Supporting, playlisted on Delta Fm.

Fiord: Very Nice ep. Prog at its finest!

Arjun Vagale: Trippy !! very nice

Orde Meikle (Slam): will try out thanx

Sonic Union: Soulwerk has quickly become a name to keep your eye on! Great 2 track EP will support both!

DJ Tarkan: deep and cool stuff..will support!!

Barry Jamieson: Wicked track. Chunky and deep. very me.

Kazell: Really nice release! Full support!

Stuart Millar: cool proggy stuff

Todd Burns - Resident Advisor: Thanks! Downloading.

Federico Epis: Downloading thanks!

Anderson Noise: Supporting!

Gemma Furbank: Another great Mirabilis release! Wicked energy to Lucid Dreams and absolutely loving that Guitar in Wind Rose. Nice job!

Paul Van Dyk: Thanks, downloading.

D-Phrag: epic proggy release, will support for sure!!!

Sergio Matina: Great job!!!

Antti Danceteria Helsinki: Wind Rose for me, thanks.

Neil Browne :Love this E.P, been playing Wind Rose, what a massive production!

Matt Weeks: Nice dark bouncy track

Paraveen Achary: What a melody on 'Lucid Dreams'! Great vibe too. That's the one for me.

Peter McGill: Great release

Paul Alexander: Really like both tracks, una cualidad de Madrid Lucid dreams is a set ending monster I think...Wind rose is a nice mid set chugger ...quality release

Sasha Le Monnier :Excellent stuff here, will be charting in my October Charts, especially like Wind Rose...beautiful track!! Thanks for sending over!

Weepee :Will play Wind Rose

Darin Epsilon :Excellent the atmosphere and feeling in Lucid Dreams!

Hans Tavera :Wind Rose sounds Massive!

Gennaro Lo Fosse:Lucid dreams isn't something that I'd usually play, But if the time is right i will drop this! great track! Wind rose is a proggy pumper! support!

Gavyn Mytchel: Two fantastic tracks, i will play these on my radio show

Kristina Sky: Great track! Super smooth and deep. Supporting.

Markku Arimo: Sexy, epic, and yet funky all at once. Wind Rose is great!

Pena: Wind rose for me... nice arp and claps..good for a late afternoon session

Daniel Mehes: wind rose is really good one, thanks

Richie Hartness: Thanks

Karim Zidan: wowowowow! This is an amazing EP! will be supporting both tracks for sure!

Hernan Serano: excelent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOTH

Stefan Bauer: good stuff, lucid dreams is nice!

Arjun Avinash :Absolutely love the guitar riff on 'Wind Rose'. Great track!

Justin Steel: Wind Rose is a beauty :-) Full support

Tim Benjamin: Both amazing tunes, Wind rose is perfect for me, thanks!

Matt Black: Very hypnotic, proper journey music

Mark J : really nice stuff here!

Emma: Lucid dreams-Like it!!

Calin Marian: Wind rose rocks guys, thanks a lot for sending. Support from Tunnel FM - Sweden

Facundo Mohrr: Amazing! Full support!

Brendon Collins (Summer): Soulwerk rules!! Love both, my pick is Wind Rose as fav though

Logiztik Sounds: nice tracks

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