1. Blue Tente - In Search Of Sunrise(Balearic Mix)
2. Blue Tente - Antarctic Day(Blue Tente Balearic Mix)
3. Blue Tente - Lost Signal(Original Balearic Mix)
4. Avalona - A New Life(Blue Tente Remix)
5. Mathias Moor Elysium(Blue Tente Remix)
6. Blue Tente feat. Stine Grove Let You Go 2011(Original Vocal Mix)
7. Myk Bee & Blue Tente Beyond Tomorrow (Blue Tente Emotional Mix)
8. ReOrder Flight To Soul (Blue Tente Remix)
9. Blue Tente feat. Stine Grove Heading Home 2011(Blue Tente Vocal Mix)
10. Blue Tente feat. Aelyn You`re Not Mine (Uplifting Mix)
11. Wavecontrol Silence In The Dark (Blue Tente Uplifting Mix)
12. Rene Ablaze & Emdee Hello World (Blue Tente Balearic Mix)
13. Blue Tente Pulsar (Original Uplifting Mix)
14. Oliver Imseng feat. Natalie Throw Megartha (Blue Tente Remix)
15. Hirneek Meets Blue Tente Lost in Trance (Original Mix )
16. Hirneek Meets Blue Tente This Is Us (Original Mix )
17. Blue Tente Energy (Original Mix)
18. Pedro del Mar & Blue Tente - You Left (Blue Tente Mix)

: Steven White-Global Trance Sounds 088(BLUE TENTE SPECIAL TRIBUTE MIX)(12.10.2011) by StevenWhiteOfficial on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free