Purchase/Preview: Fuji / Ancient Breed [Macarize] :: Beatport

Artist: Atlantis Ocean
Title: Fuji / Ancient Breed
Label: Macarize
Cat #: MRIZE028

Macarize dives deep into an ocean of enchanting sounds as Atlantis Ocean - a musical project consisting of two Russian producers - debuts with their magnificent progressive and chill-out release “Fuji / Ancient Breed”! As a well-celebrated progressive house project in Russia, Atlantis Ocean pushes their musical style outward to conquer the vast radio-waves of Ukraine, Germany, America, and Sweden. With their debut release “Fuji / Ancient Breed”, Atlantis Ocean once again steps-up to deliver fresh sounds and brand-new musical innovations!

First in the release is “Fuji”, an upbeat progressive house track that incorporates very mind-levitating atmospheric pads and a tingling lead melody. “Ancient Breed” the second and last track offers something different. In fact, as a track that blurs the line between chill out and progressive house, “Ancient Breed” will send your senses afloat with its tranquil and smooth-flowing vibes.

Soar higher and dive deeper with “Fuji / Ancient Breed” by Atlantis Ocean - the latest release on Macarize!