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Thread: Sun State - Chastity [LIT003]

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    Exclamation Sun State - Chastity [LIT003]

    "Chastity" is a result of ten months of Sun State's work. Without exaggeration it is possible to say it is the most complicated track on whole trance and dance scene ever created in its melodical structure. This single takes us into gold Baroque times. Florescence of all human cultures including music.

    Great fusion of chamber strings grace and power of trance.
    This is all about our new single. Light staccato strings strokes and bright expressive playing supported by high energetic synths and beats.

    Original mix consists of two parts. First with a chamber strings on solo voices and second with only synths on the same.

    Also in this single Baroque Mix was included. It is a pure chamber strings mix
    with harpischord. And even we can say this is neo-classical tune.

    And finally we want to pay your attention, this single was composed 'from the scratch'. This means it is not a combination of pieces of famous composers. It is a totally complete independent and original product.


    Beatport: Chastity [Lux In Tenebris] :: Beatport
    Audiojelly: Audiojelly - Dance Music Download Store
    Amazon: Chastity: Sun State: MP3 Downloads


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