Beatport Exclusive: 31.10.2011
Official Release: 14.11.2011


1.Pillow - Cheetah Kingdom (Original Mix)
2.Pillow - Cheetah Kingdom (Flashtech Remix)
3.Pillow - Cheetah Kingdom (Flexrev Remix)


We warmly welcome our resident PILLOW. He delivers another pure uplifter to Capite Music. Cheetach Kindom to be felt and revealed within a breakdown. Feel those purrs witin lush pads and fluffy plucks which will drive you into perfect dream.
Pillow - Cheetah Kingdom (Original Mix)

First remix comes from new blood - Flashtech. It's a techy and groovy combination for Cheetach Kindom. Pure big-room sounds to fit senses of the active clubbers - it will make your foot move!
Pillow - Cheetah Kingdom (Flashtech Remix)

Flexrev remix, second one on the release, is a perfect closer this time - we had every type of Cheetach Kindom but not the Balearic one. Taste It, test it and choose your best mix!
Pillow - Cheetah Kingdom (Flexrev Remix)