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Thread: DSUK029: Cage Page vs Toy Quantize - Remember The Feature

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    DSUK029: Cage Page vs Toy Quantize - Remember The Feature

    DSUK029: Cage Page vs Toy Quantize - Remember The Feature

    Greetings everyone!

    Cage Page and Toy Quantize join forces for their DSUK debut with this rocking, melodic breaks track. Deep basslines, skippy beats and uplifting melodies covered in a light distortion make up the Original Mix, whilst Open Cluster takes on a harder edge and Fisso & Spark give their own melodic interpretation.

    Support on this from UnderThis, Llupa, Line of Sight, Ghettface and many more!


    1. Original Mix
    2. Open Cluster Remix
    3. Fisso & Spark Remix

    This release is OUT NOW at all your favourite download stores.

    Click here to buy from Beatport (non-exclusive price).

    For previews of each track please visit our SoundCloud.

    Don't forget you can also follow us on Facebook.

    Until Next Time!

    Digital Sensation UK
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