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Thread: Claes Rosen - Closing In / Fading Away [Macarize]

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    Claes Rosen - Closing In / Fading Away [Macarize]

    Artist: Claes Rosen
    Title: Closing In / Fading Away (Original Mixes)
    Label: Macarize
    Cat #: MRIZE029
    Style: Progressive House (Melodic)

    Purchase/Preview (Beatport Exclusive 2 weeks): Closing In / Fading Away [Macarize] :: Beatport

    Always ready to turn our world upside down with his ever-melodic productions and magical progressions, Swedish producer Claes Rosen returns on Macarize with two brand new tracks as heard in “Closing In / Fading Away”!

    First in the release in “Closing In”-- a wonderful new-wave-influenced piece that features mind-levitating arps and nostalgic pianos. “Closing In” truly is one treat to the ears, and this track features the best sounds of Claes Rosen. From the title itself, the mood of “Fading Away”, the second and last track is something much more emotional. “Fading Away”, in fact, itself is a symphony of heart-warming melodies, poignant guitars, and nostalgic synths!

    Claes Rosen is and will always be the Swedish man of Melodies-- a title he has proved worthy with his long list of never-failing releases including “Closing In / Fading Away”, his latest release here on Macarize!

    Some comments:
    Closing In is very cool! - Maor Levi / 123XYZ

    Grabbing both as usual, cheers! - Jaytech

    Cute release Claes <3 100% support - Shawn Mitiska

    really like fading away, top stuff – Mighty Mouse

    Fading Away is for me, glad to hear from Claes again ! Thanks – Sezer Uysal

    Excellent EP from always. Support! - Zack Roth

    Always quality from Claes Rosen! - Darin Epsilon

    Melodic quality from Claes - always support to my friend - Ricky Inch

    Nice... grabbing both. Cheers – Kobana
    Kristoffer Ljungberg | Macarize (Label Manager / A&R)

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    Closing In is fantastic
    I do not live in the world of sobriety.

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